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In the IT industry, focus has shifted from stability to agility. We plan to be on the forefront of this shift by delivering best of breed solutions to our internal and external customers. I am a firm believer that technological solutions are only as effective as the value it adds to the end user.

Leon Bramdaw Consulting cc, based in KwaZulu-Natal, was formed in July 2008 to provide an affordable and innovative IT consulting service to the local Durban Business community. The founding member has extensive business experience specialising with IT being the primary business driver and has the ability to offer practical solutions to business challenges. Leon was privileged to be employed by a dynamic transport company for the past 15 years. A company which grew from a R125 000 a month business with 60 employees to its current size, turning just over R20 million per month with over 700 employees in 2012. Leon assisted in documenting and deploying procedures within the organization. Leon was extremely fortunate to be part of a strategic team that examined, evaluated and streamlined processes throughout the organization. Under expert mentorship and tutoring, Leon focused on deploying technological solutions that added value and reduced costs across all departments.

Our Vision & Mission

LBC's strategy is to provide business with the following
  • To deliver not only industry but world class solutions to every facet of your business by proactively creating a synergy between technology and business processes.
  • Technological solutions that add tangible value to an organization.
  • Provide the necessary skill to lever and maximize use over their ICT investment.
  • Honest, affordable and best of breed solutions based on recommended best practices.
  • Aligning itself with its client mission and vision.







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