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Business in a Box

  • Fixed monthly expenses
  • No surprise bills
  • Ideal for small to medium size businesses
  • Access to cutting edge solutions
  • Enjoy responsive support

Hardware Procurement

Strategic & administrative responsibilities
Managing supplier relationships
Request for quotations (RFQs)
Requests for proposals (RFPs)
Requests for information (RFI)

Project Management

Improve processes
Drive digital transformation 
Orchestrate work with ease 
Outpace your competition 
Automate your workflows

Business Consulting

Bespoke IT solutions
Proactive approach
Analyse, advise, develop, implement
Improve software / data systems 
Measure & manage cost efficiency

Digital Marketing

Register & host domains 
Email Support 
Website development 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
Online marketing strategies

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Our engineers are proactively involved to eliminate downtime & align with your company vision
Onsite Support100%
Bespoke Solutions100%

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